Nevada Chukar Hunting Season

Just as the old Nevada hunting saying goes-

                 “The first time you hunt chukar for fun, the next time you hunt for revenge…. ”


Chukar are well known to provide Nevada upland game hunters with a challenging experience. The chukar’s strong flying ability, coupled with their endurance to run uphill over long distances, gives the species a special advantage in the field.   Be in good physical shape, and know you’ll be climbing up hills……


Nevada’s typical terrain also provides chukar an additional advantage in evading the hunter.  Scattered brush and grass provides excellent habitat for chukar to lie under cover, further adding to the challenge.


Nevada chukar hunting season opens October 13th, and the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has forecasted the 2012-2013 season to be “fair to average” for most of the state, with overall harvest levels similar to 2008-09 seasons.  NDOW further advises that covey sizes will be smaller, likely leading to Nevada chukar hunters spending further time in the field for successful hunts.


Although the chukar species are speculated to have originated in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, the introduction of  chukar to Nevada dates back to 1935.   The Nevada chukar hunt offers many benefits, as chukar inhabit a large area of Nevada open space.  With any available water source and rocky outcroppings, there’s a good chance you will find Nevada chukar.


So if you haven’t yet hunted Nevada chukar-enjoy that first hunt, and then let us know how the next hunt goes……..


Check out more information about chukar history and upcoming chukar forecast information at

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