One of the most heavily fished waters in Nevada, the Truckee River originates at Lake Tahoe, flowing a stretch of 110 miles to Pyramid Lake.  Currently, the water is flowing again thanks to wet weather, and the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) is actively stocking the river for the upcoming season.

check out here According to stocking reports, approximately 6500 rainbow trout were stocked on the river April 20th at Rock Park in Sparks, and also at Arlington and Lake Street Bridges in Reno.

cliquez pour la source With increased run-off expected as we head into spring, be sure to fish the outer edges for trout as they congregate in slower water.  Right now, flows on the Truckee near Sparks are running around 700 CFS.  As the rivers cycles through changing flow rates in the upcoming months, Nevada anglers can check water flows before heading out.

rencontre dans le doubs Remember to access USGS real time stream flow data anytime on NOU’s Climate/Conditions page, for the Truckee and additional state waters.