neurontin capsule cap 300 mg Nevada Archery Hunters-

page Web It’s that time of year again to get your bow out of your bow case and ensure everything is in good working order for archery season!  


Nevada Outdoorsman Unlimited was fortunate to interview Rick of “House of Arrows”, a Sparks, Nevada archery shop.  Rick has been in business since 1989, and he sat down with us to discuss some of his tips and experience for archery hunters.

We asked Rick a few questions:

NOU:  What aspects of your equipment do you need to be thinking about as you prepare for bow season?

Rick:   Check your strings, and be sure to tighten down all the components of the bow.  Make sure you align your arrows to the arrow rest, and check that your sites are OK…. Then start practicing, shooting preferably at 3-D targets.  Also, make sure to adjust your sites to the flight of your broadhead!

(Rick advised us that the #1 mistake archery hunters make is to tune their bow by shooting target arrows, never shooting a broadhead until actually hunting in the field.  The archer then wonders why the broadhead arrow is flying differently……)



NOU:   If you are brand new to archery, what should you be looking for in a bow.  Do you have to begin with a starter bow, or can you jump right in with a “higher tech” bow?

Rick:  Most people can jump right into using the “higher tech” bow-and within a couple of hours of the bow being properly outfitted, are able to shoot decent groups. However with a hunter who is new to archery, it’s harder for him/her to learn hunting with a bow versus hunting with a rifle!  As many Nevada archery hunters are aware, archery hunting is short distance “spot and stalk” with some additional hunting in blinds……vs. rifle which is of course long distance “spot and stalk”.  Of course for archery, you want to be in the best physical shape possible……



NOU:  What type of bows does your shop carry?

Rick:   Hoyt and Martin, Matthews, some PSE’s and Bear’s… We carry long bows and re-curve bows, and just about everything to outfit the archery hunter.   The style of the bows that are coming out are getting smaller and smaller…



NOU:  Why are the newer bows coming out smaller?

Rick:  This is due to the east coast archers, shooting out of tree stands, requiring a smaller bow…..the manufacturers are accommodating this.

(The smaller bow does mean lighter weight for Nevada archery hunting, so we can adapt to this change!)



Thanks to Rick for all of his insightful information and knowledge regarding archery hunting here in Nevada!