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Friday is the Day for Nevada Big Game Hunters 2018   We've all been waiting to find out the results of the 2018 Nevada Big Game Draw, and we'll have draw results when Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) releases the announcement on Friday, May 25th.   It seems that every year, life revolves around the draw results.  [...]

May 25th, 2018|Big Game, Bowhunting, Homepage Feature, Hunting, Hunting Topics, Nevada Outdoorsman|
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Nevada Wildfires | Affecting Nevada Hunting Season 2017 and Beyond

A wet winter providing plenty of fuel, hot gusty winds, and dry conditions.... all resulting in an extreme Nevada wildfire. Not only will Nevada hunting conditions be affected for 2017, the impact on Nevada wildlife could be felt  for years.      As predicted, the record precipitation occurring over the past winter has created a significant fuel load [...]

July 20th, 2017|Big Game, Bowhunting, Homepage Feature, Hunting, Hunting Topics|

Winter Kill for Nevada Mule Deer? | Hunting Nevada 2017

There's been talk throughout Western States about the possibility of  "winter kill" affecting mule deer populations, but it's unclear if this will be a scenario for Nevada mule deer.   After record precipitation occurring throughout Nevada during the past winter, some Nevada mule deer hunters are wondering how the deer population for their hunt survived.  Winter kill could impact mule deer population [...]

Lack of Water in the Humboldt Sink | Is there hope for Northern Nevada Waterfowl hunting?

A recent day trip to the Humboldt Sink area near Lovelock revealed a surprise, NO WATER in Toulon or the Upper or Lower Humboldt Lakes....... After an extremely wet winter,  the return of waterfowl hunting in Northern Nevada seemed realistic.  Prior to the drought, areas such as Toulon and the Upper and Lower Humboldt Lakes provided [...]

Nevada Hunting | 2017 Nevada Big Game Application Period Closing Soon

With the deadline drawing near for applying for 2017 Nevada big game tags, you will need to make a decision soon about where and what to hunt.....there's a few things to keep in mind~   About 80% of Nevada land is federally owned-giving Nevada hunters increased opportunity to hunt on thousands of acres of pristine wildlife [...]

2017 Nevada Big Game Season | Online Application Available March 20th

Nevada Big Game Hunters, Online Applications for Big Game Season 2017 are available tomorrow, March 20th 2017   Have you done your homework on what unit and species you would like to apply for this year? Be aware there are some changes to waiting periods for antelope (horns longer than ears) and antlered elk regardless of [...]

March 20th, 2017|Big Game, Bowhunting, Equipment, Homepage Feature, Hunting, Hunting Topics|

Hunting and Fishing Nevada 2017 | What to Expect for Nevada Wildlife

 With the drought officially ending (for now), we're in for a whole new kind of Nevada hunting and fishing season in 2017. The question is, has this winter helped or harmed Nevada wildlife?   Heavy precipitation will likely benefit Nevada waterfowl hunting, with areas such as the Humboldt Sink seeing water for the first [...]

Increase Your Big Game Meat Processing Skills | Nevada Big Game Season 2016

We are happy to announce the newest NOU affiliate, Roland Zimmerli, certified Swiss butcher and producer of Old World Game Meat Processing training DVD's. If you process your own Nevada big game meat, this product can take your game processing skills to the next level. A Nevada-based affiliate, Roland demonstrates his Swiss master training  techniques for game [...]

August 13th, 2016|Big Game, Homepage Feature, Hunting, Hunting Topics, Nevada Outdoorsman|

Nevada Big Game Hunting 2016 | Nevada Antelope Archery Season is Here

Today is the day. The 2016 archery season opening for Nevada Big Game antelope hunters has arrived. Be sure to check out fire conditions in the Northern Nevada hunt units before heading out.  The Virginia mountain complex fires are leading to closed highways near Pyramid Lake and other roadways leading to hunt units in the Northern Washoe County areas. [...]

August 1st, 2016|Big Game, Bowhunting, Equipment, Homepage Feature, Hunting, Hunting Topics|

Perfect Practice | Ensuring Nevada Bow Hunting Success

Nevada big game archery season opens in just a few weeks-are you prepared? To increase your odds of Nevada Big Game archery success, there's several factors to keep in mind when bringing out your bow to practice in anticipation of this year's hunt. It's unrealistic to think that just a few hours of practice will [...]

July 17th, 2016|Big Game, Homepage Feature, Hunting|