Resurgence of the the Nevada Lahontan Cutthroat Trout | Greatest Fish Story Ever Told With the opening of Pyramid Lake Fishing Season this month, we're reviewing the amazing re-introduction and resurgence of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, first described in our blog of May 2013.  Local anglers are predicting another season of catching record size trout, but do you know "The Greatest Fish Story Ever Told"?   Northern Nevada anglers are [...]

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Nevada Drought Conditions | Impact on Truckee River Fishing

lien Web   Unfortunate news regarding water flow for the Truckee River........   With the ongoing drought, the Truckee River is down to a trickle at approximately 100 cubic feet per second, most significantly due to a  Boca Reservoir no longer providing water to the river.  With Lake Tahoe projected to dip at the natural rim, Truckee [...]

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Nevada Free Fishing Day

Nevada Free Fishing Day is Saturday, June 14th! If you are looking for some family fun, consider Nevada's Free Fishing Day.  Children and adults across Nevada may fish in any public fishing water without a license or trout stamp.  Be aware that all water limits and other regulations still apply. For more information:

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Drought in Nevada, A Concern for Nevada Fishing Interests?

Although the past week has brought welcome precipitation to many areas of Nevada, climatology data shows that most parts of the state are experiencing a third consecutive year of severe drought.     During a recent meeting of the Sagebrush Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Nevada's State Climatologist, Dr. Douglas P. Boyle presented an overview of [...]

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“Catch and Keep” or “Catch and Release”-not just a Nevada fishing issue

As some Nevada anglers are aware, there is strong opinion throughout the Silver State regarding catching and keeping fish (and presumably eating them) vs. catching and releasing fish.  This debate is not limited to Nevada fishing.....       With many anglers having strong beliefs regarding "catch and keep" vs. "catch and release" fishing, the subject is sure to bring up a strong debate among Nevada anglers.   Whether [...]

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Sparks Marina Park Pond Fish Kill-what’s the answer?

With Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) announcing a near total fish kill at Sparks Marina Park Pond this week, questions have arisen as to how the situation occurred, and what's the future of fishing at this well-known Northern Nevada urban pond.   First, there's the history involved.....   The land the Marina currently occupies was once operated as the Nichols Ranch,  1861 up [...]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Update

~Pyramid Lake Fisheries shares with NOU an update on fishing conditions~ Biggest catch of the 2013-2014 season was caught, yesterday, January 8th! According to "Fishing is slowing down at Pyramid, but the lunkers are still coming in.  Here is a 23.7 lb. LCT caught from a float tube at Monument Rock on 1-8-14.  The same [...]

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Happy New Year from NOU

NOU wishes all of our visitors and members a happy, healthy New Year..... Also, wishing everyone continued great Nevada hunting and fishing experiences in 2014!  

Pyramid Lake Fishing Opens this Week!

The Nevada fishing community is looking forward to the opening day of Pyramid Lake Fishing, this Tuesday, October 1st.   The Pyramid Lake Fisheries FB page provides great information regarding online permit purchases, fishing locations, the Pyramid Lake thermocline, and helpful FAQ's at the following link:

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