2016 Nevada Big Game | Main Draw Application Opening March 21st

It's the day we've been waiting for- The 2016 Nevada Big Game Application Main Draw, opening Monday, March 21st.   Now is the time to do your homework regarding species and units to apply for, and there are resources available to help you make an educated decision.   NOU recommends accessing Nevada Department of Wildlife's [...]

The 2015 Nevada Hunting and Fishing Season | Year in Review

As the cold weather sets in and the Nevada 2015 hunting and fishing season come to a close, we reflect on key issues:     Safety First Unfortunately, Nevada had 9 waterway fatalities and 1 hunting fatality in 2015.  Never lose sight of the fact that accidents can and do occur.  Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) officials believe [...]

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Nevada Chukar Hunting | Winter Chukar Hunting Tips

  If you prefer Nevada chukar hunting winter style, the state's weather is about to give you what you want.   Although Nevada chukar hunters are known to deal with extreme conditions and rugged terrain throughout the state, winter chukar hunting adds a whole new element to the hunt......   Some tips for winter from experienced Nevada chukar [...]

December 9th, 2015|Homepage Feature, Hunting, Hunting Topics, Locations|

Nevada Game Meat for Thanksgiving | Start a Nevada Tradition

You were patient and persistent this season in your Nevada hunting and fishing pursuits, and your freezer is well stocked as a result. Now use that fish or game meat to start a Nevada Thanksgiving tradition! As the general public becomes more wary of commercial meat and fish products that contain hormones and other additives, you don't [...]

November 22nd, 2015|Fishing, Hunting, Nevada Outdoorsman|

Thanks to Nevada Veterans

Thank you to the nation's veterans as we observe Veterans Day 2015   NOU sends special thanks to all of our Nevada veterans who have given and sacrificed so much to preserve our country's freedom.

November 11th, 2015|Fishing, Hunting, Nevada Outdoorsman|

Nevada Chukar Hunting | The Ideal Upland Game Terrain

There's a reason that upland game hunters from out of state come to Nevada for true adventure-it comes down to chukar hunting. Northern Nevada boasts ideal terrain for the elusive chukar species, with high desert rock outcrops and rugged terrain that demands physical stamina of the hunter. Can you meet the challenge of Nevada chukar [...]

Nevada Outdoorsman Product Review | Wyoming Saw for Nevada Big Game Hunting

Nevada Big Game Hunters often encounter challenging field conditions, so being prepared with the most effective, convenient hunting gear is key.  The Wyoming Saw fills the bill.             If you are looking for a hunting saw with portability and convenience, NOU recently reviewed the Wyoming Saw (#1) during a recent Nevada mule [...]

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National Hunting and Fishing Day in Nevada | Recognizing Nevada Wildlife Conservationists

  Governor Sandoval has declared Saturday, September 26th, National Hunting and Fishing Day In Nevada     Nevada hunters and anglers can be proud of this proclamation.   As governor Sandoval so aptly described, "Nevada’s sportsmen and women were among the first conservationists to support the establishment of the Nevada Department of Wildlife to conserve [...]

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Health of Nevada Wildlife | Nevada Hunters Contribute by Observing Game in the field

            With Nevada archery hunting nearing a close, and any legal weapon and upland game hunting seasons coming up, Nevada hunters remain key observers of the health of Nevada wildlife.     Although the proceeds from purchase of Nevada hunting licenses and tags contribute to conservation projects for wildlife species, Nevada hunters also can contribute by [...]

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Nevada Chukar Hunting | 2015 Nevada Chukar Forecast

The Nevada 2015-16 Chukar Forecast is available, a basic guide for Nevada chukar hunters.     The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) conducted aerial surveys during mid-August over 13 designated survey plots of Nevada mountain ranges. These surveys provide a "one-time" snapshot of chukar density in small areas of the surveyed mountain ranges.     Overall bird [...]

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