Nevada Bighorn Ewe Hunts | Ensuring Long Term Success of the Bighorn Population in Nevada

buy cheap Pregabalin online During this weekend's meeting of the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners, big game tag ratios are expected to be determined.  Notably, the number of ewe tags for Nevada's 2014 big game season will be set.     State wildlife biologists are expected to recommend issuing approximately 100 tags for the ewe hunt, with a projected 15 tags for California [...]

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2014 Nevada Big Game Seasons Applications and Regulations Available The Nevada Department of Wildlife has released Nevada Big Game Seasons/Applications and Regulations for 2014       In case you missed it-The NDOW publication is now available for hunters to determine hunt categories, seasons, and hunter choices for 2014  Click Here          Be sure to check out the new big game season additions on page 1, including the combination antlerless [...]

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Another Tool for Successful Nevada Chukar Hunting

For Nevada Chukar Hunters looking for the additional "edge" when searching for chukar habitat....       The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has updated the Wildlife Water Development Atlas for the first time in seven years.  The Atlas provides 160 topographical maps of the entire state's guzzlers, and includes the UTM coordinate system of the [...]

Nevada Big Game Tag Second Draw

On-line applications are now being accepted by NDOW for 2013 remaining Nevada big game tags (Resident and Non-Resident).   Remaining Nevada Big Game tag data is in, and the results are interesting.....Click Here   It's clear to see that for some units, a large number of tags are still available from the Resident quota main draw.  This [...]

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Nevada Big Game Hunting Tag Draw Results Posted

Last Friday bought either good news or bad news for Nevada big game hunters when hunting tag draw results were posted for the 2013 2014 hunting season........     As mentioned in earlier posts, Nevada big game tag quotas are impacted  by environmental, climactic and human population density, with further restrictions on non-resident vs. resident hunt [...]

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Resident and Non-Resident Hunts-Nevada Big Game Draw Odds

Nevada big game hunt opportunities, tag rationed and limited by environment and climactic conditions, are also subject to "resident" and "non-resident"  quota guidelines...but how do the resident vs. non-resident quotas figure into this equation? According to Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission Policy No. 24, a "quality hunting experience" vs. a "quantity of hunting opportunity" strategy has been applied the past 30 years.  This policy includes keeping limits [...]

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Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission-Upcoming Big Game Status Report and Quota Setting

Have you ever wondered how Nevada big game quotas are established by the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners? Nevada big game hunters should be interested in the upcoming meeting of the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission for possible action on Nevada Big Game Quotas for the 2013-14 Season.  The Commission establishes regulations for the numbers of tags to be [...]