If you’ve been lucky enough to draw a Nevada Big Game tag for 2016, you may want to look into the tag numbers for the unit you drew for that hunt unit.

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Also, take a look at that Nevada hunt unit and think about the geographical size of the unit.  For example, for Nevada hunt unit 015 located in northwest Nevada, there’s a total of 10 antelope tags (archery).  Doesn’t seem like a very big quota, however when you see the size of the unit-you will have less hunting pressure due to the relatively low number of tags for the area.




Now take a look at hunt 011, located at the furthest northwest corner of the state.  A total of 25 antelope tags (over double the quota size of 015), however geographically, unit 011 is roughly half the size of unit 015.  With a greater number of tags being issued to this smaller geographical hunt units, you could have twice the archery hunter pressure on this particular big game species.




Of course, this was all part of the Nevada Big Game Quota Recommendations for 2016, knowing that there are a greater density of animals in particular areas due to habitat conditions and other factors.  Accordingly, more tags are issued in these units.  However, that does lead to more hunters in smaller geographic areas, so archery hunters beware……