If you prefer Nevada chukar hunting winter style, the state’s weather is about to give you what you want.

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Although Nevada chukar hunters are known to deal with extreme conditions and rugged terrain throughout the state,

winter chukar hunting adds a whole new element to the hunt……


Some tips for winter from experienced Nevada chukar hunters:


As the snow covers the mountain and ridges, be sure to hunt the south slopes where the chukar are looking for warmer terrain and feed.


When hunting in snow, look for tracks. The deeper snow will also force chukar further down the mountain ridges, so be sure not to overlook the obvious.


Stay alert for areas of green grass and shoots, as these are likely feed sources for chukar.


On windy days, stay low, as wind is known to force chukar down into the lower canyons and draws.


buy provigil uk online And last but not least, stay prepared with proper winter gear and emergency rations, as you never know when you may need to survive the elements.