buy Lyrica online        Nevada Outdoorsman Unlimited is proud to feature links to our state’s hunting and fishing clubs and conservation organizations.  This week we are highlighting the efforts of the Sagebrush Chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU)-

Thanks to Mike Caltagirone, past president and current board member of the Sagebrush Chapter of TU, we have been given an overview of the great effort this organization is putting forth for Nevada’s fishing habitat, as well as native and wild fish populations……….



  rencontre coquine charente maritime Mike, when was the Sagebrush Chapter of TU started here in Northern Nevada, and can you give us a brief history of the local chapter?

“The original chapter was originally founded in 1991, and at the time, there was a small regular membership with periodic meetings that continued to take place throughout 2007.  In 2008, the Sagebrush Chapter was reformed, and a new era began for the chapter, with numerous restoration projects throughout the state ensuing. ..”



  vous pouvez vérifier ici From the information on your website, it’s clear that your organization’s mission is to ‘Protect, reconnect, restore & sustain all cold water fisheries, and their watersheds, in Northern Nevada & the eastern Sierra Nevada’…..can you tell our website users of some notable examples of your organization’s efforts here in Nevada?

“Many of the projects we’ve initiated are outlined on our website, but some of our larger projects include Lahontan Cutthroat Trout restoration projects for Summit and Independence Lakes.  In addition, we work in conjunction with community members on smaller projects, including a collaborative effort with Galena High School on “Trout in the Classroom” projects.”


“We take pride in restoring fish habitat in general, and work with various community members to maintain the clarity and temperature of our waters.  An example of this collaboration is the work TU has done with ranchers and the Bureau of Land Management to decrease the impact of grazing patterns of large animal species near Nevada streams and rivers.”


“In the last 3 years, fish restoration and other conservation projects in the amount of approximately $90,000 have been funded and supported by the Sagebrush Chapter of TU.”



  What does your organization see as the most challenging aspect to Nevada’s fishing habitat/waters?

“Invasive species, including types of algae, mussels, snails, crayfish and certain non-native fish species which can threaten the native species through inter-breeding and predation.”


“To be clear here, the focus of our organization over the years has shifted slowly to native fish, however we are not strictly opposed to wild fish species.  Each fishery project we undertake is carefully evaluated to determine the overall benefit of the project, including the impact on the native fish as well as the wild fish species.  As our mission statement denotes, we strive to reconnect all cold water fisheries-that includes the waters that both native and wild fish species inhabit.”



  How would our users in Northern Nevada become a member or volunteer in the Sagebrush Chapter?  How would users in other areas of Nevada get involved in their local chapters?

“Anyone interested in learning more about, volunteering, or joining our organization can access the local chapter website at”


“If you’re not in Northern Nevada, but are interested in your local Nevada TU chapter, people can access this information through the national website at



 What is the most important  message about the Sagebrush Chapter of TU that you would like our website users to be aware of?

“Our core goal is again to protect, reconnect, restore and sustain all cold water fisheries, and their watersheds, in Northern Nevada and the Eastern Sierra Nevada.  We collaborate with everyone involved to benefit the fish, landowners land users, and fishermen.”



Nevada Outdoorsman Unlimited wishes to thank Mike for his insightful information on the Sagebrush Chapter of Trout Unlimited; please learn more about this valuable Northern Nevada organization at


And as always, seriously consider volunteering or getting involved in your local Nevada hunting or fishing conservation group!