Nevada wildlife species have multiple challenges in the state’s arid conditions, but besides drought, one of the biggest challenges is no surprise …..


film hindi streaming vf Fire Nevada habitat biologists indicate that in addition to drought cycles, wildfires pose a major challenge to Nevada wildlife habitat. 



     Over the past one to two decades, biologists have observed unprecedented wildfire intensity, size, and frequency.  As an example, the 2012 Holloway fire which burned on the Nevada Oregon border burned nearly 500,000 acres-

      As Nevada hunters and anglers recognize, habitat is the bottom line for the survival of state’s game and fish species.  This problem is magnified as nearly every wildlife species is impacted when habitat degrades.


     NDOW officials are directly involved with private land owners, BLM, Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and to strategically treat the landscape (vegetation thinning, riparian vegetation planting,and other projects)  to reduce the impact of wildfire.


     As Nevada hunters and anglers, it’s imperative that we also do our part to decrease the risk of wildfire throughout the State.   This season, it’s more important than ever to stay on established roads, keep your ATV’s maintained to reduce backfire events, and keep a shovel and spare water close by when out in the field.


Stay apprised of Nevada wildfire activity as you get closer to your hunting trip by accessing NOU’s “Climate and Conditions” link for real time fire conditions.