As the cold weather sets in and the Nevada 2015 hunting and fishing season come to a close, we reflect on key issues:



purchase nolvadex online Safety First

Unfortunately, Nevada had 9 waterway fatalities and 1 hunting fatality in 2015.  Never lose sight of the fact that accidents can and do occur.  Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) officials believe that the ongoing drought has contributed to increased density of waterways, leading to greater potential for accidents.  And although Nevada has a low incidence of hunter fatalities, accidents can and do occur.  Make safety the number one priority when hunting and fishing Nevada in 2016.


Sage Grouse No Longer on Endangered Species List

Nevada remains in control of the state’s sage grouse and the habitat, with the federal government declaring in September that the bird no longer warrants protection under the Endangered Species Act.  Good news and a relief for Nevada mining and ranching interests, as well as a success story for all the Nevada wildlife conservation partners who participated in the Sage Grouse Initiative.

To view the the USFWS finding:  Click Here

Combination Hunts

NOU has received mixed reviews from hunters on the Nevada big game combination hunts.  If you want to harvest two species during one hunt you may be in favor of the new combo hunt.   Many Nevada big game hunters have concerns over the overlapping seasons and hunter density that have occurred during these hunts, and find the new hunts frustrating.