Keep in mind that taxidermy is a form of art, and the time it takes to complete quality work will vary from taxidermist to taxidermist.  Costs too will vary, and just like other forms of art, higher quality demands a higher price.  Before going on your hunt, be sure to contact your taxidermist for information regarding proper skinning and care of the trophy.

Here are some basic reminders regarding taxidermy:

-Damage to a hide is costly to repair or replace; don’t drag big game if you don’t have to!  If dragging is unavoidable, drag your trophy with care.

-Remember, as soon as the animal dies, bacteria begins to attack the carcass, and warm weather will accelerate bacteria growth. By removing the hide from the meat, you allow both the hide and meat to cool. Be sure to keep the head/hide in a cool area, put hide in cotten or canvis bag to allow air in.

-Don’t gut small mammals, birds, or fish, however be sure to wash off any dried blood that’s accumulated.

-Very importantly, be sure to have all appropriate tags with you when taking your trophy specimen to the taxidermist!