Nevada Shed Antler Hunts | Shed Antler Collecting in Nevada

find more info   Confused about Nevada Shed Antler Laws?     Based on inquiries from many of our NOU members, we've investigated the history of the proposed regulation changes to clear up the confusion......     In March of 2014, the Nevada Board of Wildlife (NBOW) Commissioners voted unanimously to regulate antler shed hunting within the state, with intent to prohibit collecting [...]

Nevada Pheasant Hunting – 21st Annual Lion’s Club Pheasant Hunt

petite annonce rencontre éphémère It's that time of year again for a great Nevada Pheasant Hunt!     The Yerington Lions Club is hosting the 21st Annual Pheasant Hunt, on Saturday, November 1st, in conjunction with the Mason Valley Hunt Club in Yerington, Nevada. NOU is once again sponsoring a drawing for one pheasant hunt for this event. Must be a [...]

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Nevada Hunting Etiquette | Consideration of the Fellow Hunter

Plus d'informations Everyone has probably seen it, that one hunter who believes he/she has the right to do whatever they want to do when out in the field....     Not everybody talks about it, but it's worth reviewing some basic points of consideration of hunter etiquette in Nevada. A majority of hunters share a common respect in the [...]

Nevada Upland Game Bird Season Opening | Dove, Grouse, Snowcock Opening September 1st

    Nevada Upland Game Season Opening for Nevada Bird Hunters     Now's the time to start thinking about getting out for bird hunts in Nevada.  September 1st marks the opening for Mourning and White Wing Dove, Blue and Ruffed Grouse.       Note to Nevada chukar Hunters: Be sure to mark your calendars for [...]

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Nevada Hunting Season Underway | Have You Had Any Luck?

  With hunting season in full swing, some reports are coming in that Nevada archery hunting has been successful for mule deer and antelope!       Field report-Northwestern Nevada was hit hard in recent weeks with lots of precipitation, making the archery antelope hunts more challenging.  Not the typical the typical weather conditions for August hunting, but on a positive [...]

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Nevada Drought Conditions | Impact on Truckee River Fishing

  Unfortunate news regarding water flow for the Truckee River........   With the ongoing drought, the Truckee River is down to a trickle at approximately 100 cubic feet per second, most significantly due to a  Boca Reservoir no longer providing water to the river.  With Lake Tahoe projected to dip at the natural rim, Truckee [...]

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Nevada Archery Hunting | Tips To Ensure Success

Nevada Archery Hunters- It's that time of year again to get your bow out of your bow case and ensure everything is in good working order for archery season!     Nevada Outdoorsman Unlimited was fortunate to interview Rick of "House of Arrows", a Sparks, Nevada archery shop.  Rick has been in business since 1989, and he sat [...]

Sparks Marina Park Pond Fish Kill-what’s the answer?

With Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) announcing a near total fish kill at Sparks Marina Park Pond this week, questions have arisen as to how the situation occurred, and what's the future of fishing at this well-known Northern Nevada urban pond.   First, there's the history involved.....   The land the Marina currently occupies was once operated as the Nichols Ranch,  1861 up [...]

Happy New Year from NOU

NOU wishes all of our visitors and members a happy, healthy New Year..... Also, wishing everyone continued great Nevada hunting and fishing experiences in 2014!