Nevada Waterfowl Hunting 2017

An opportunity to extend the  Nevada Hunting Season


With cooler weather upon us, now is the time to plan a Nevada waterfowl hunt.  Waterfowl hunting in Nevada is an under-utilized resource, and can be an excellent way to keep your Nevada hunting season active into early 2018.  Waterfowl season officially kicked off in September, and will extend until March 2018.

The past year’s record precipitation has lead to some changes in the Northern Nevada landscape.  According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), water movement from previously affected drought areas has been inconsistent.  Initially, the increased precipitation had to hydrate the dry ground,  which delayed any water pooling affect.  For the first time in years, there is water in the Humboldt sink area, but not the amount anticipated in the Toulon-Stillwater areas.  Conversely, the water movement in the Carson sink area has led to too much water, actually too deep in areas for duck hunting.

Besides the traditional duck/geese hunting, NDOW has announced that not all the tags have been filled for swan hunts this year.  Approximately 650 permits are available, and swan hunting in Nevada continues until January 7th.  Permits can be purchased “over the counter” through November 29th.

Migratory bird hunting in Nevada is regulated federally, so be sure your familiarize yourself with all local and federal regulations.

Waterfowl hunting brochures are available through NDOW.

NODW’s online access to regulations and limits available at: