Friday is the Day for Nevada Big Game Hunters 2018


We’ve all been waiting to find out the results of the 2018 Nevada Big Game Draw, and we’ll have draw results when Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) releases the announcement on Friday, May 25th.


It seems that every year, life revolves around the draw results.  Whether you’re waiting for the dates in order to get time off from your job, or trying to coordinate a party hunt with your friends, a lot rests on the results of the draw.  Whatever your  results,  keep in mind Nevada’s draw process and tag issuing is more than just a “random” process.


NDOW explains that each Nevada Big Game applicant is assigned a random “draw number”, with draw numbers being set up in ascending order and allotted by species in areas with available quotas.  To meet state law guidelines, NDOW utilizes a third party to administer the draw.  According to NDOW, the third party administrator ensures an efficient, precise system for distribution.


For many Nevada Big Game hunters, understanding the process is one thing, but the results are the most important thing.  Good luck!