Nevada fishingWhile participating in the Sagebrush Chapter’s Truckee River Trout Festival last weekend, NOU had the opportunity to hear about the perception of hunting and fishing in Nevada…..

important link Community members had an opportunity to hear about specific efforts of organizations in improving Nevada habitat for wildlife.  Importantly, this event helped awareness regarding the inseparable link between conservation and hunting and fishing in Nevada. conservation

Although many participants of the TU event were affiliated with local conservation groups, several people who happened to be at Crystal Peak Park that day stopped by as well, and shared their opinions and ideas about hunting and fishing with the event sponsors and participants.


What was the overall perception regarding Nevada hunting and fishing?  At this event,  overall perception of hunting and fishing in Nevada seemed positive.  Additionally, several people were active outdoorsmen and women, eager to talk about what big game tags they had drawn this year, what area they were hunting, and relating stories of past hunting and fishing trips across Nevada.


Nationwide, it appears that the perception of hunting is overall favorable as well, with approximately 79% the U.S. population approving of hunting.


Additionally, with public momentum shifting towards the organic food movement, hunting for meat (rather than horn hunting) is becoming more respectable…


So what’s missing here?   We believe awareness is still lacking among casual hunters and anglers about wildlife conservation being the link to hunting and fishing in Nevada.

The principals of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation (implemented over the course of the early and mid 1900’s) is widely considered to be the foundation for the health and resurgence of various wildlife populations today.  Without these historical conservation principals, as well as ongoing efforts of our wildlife conservation groups, hunting and fishing in Nevada might look very different today.

nevada wildlife

And the economic impact?

A report published in 2011 concluded that 1% of the US GDP, or $145 billion is spent by 90 million Americans who take part in hunting, fishing, or wildlife viewing.


So when you go out on that fall hunt, or spend your time on the water catching native trout, consider the idea of wildlife conservation as you enjoy the outdoors…..