You were patient and persistent this season in your Nevada hunting and fishing pursuits, and your freezer is well stocked as a result.

Now use that fish or game meat to start a Nevada Thanksgiving tradition!

voir As the general public becomes more wary of commercial meat and fish products that contain hormones and other additives, you don’t have to worry.  Your Nevada fish and game meat was not processed in a food plant, never lived in a cage, and was never farmed in an artificial waterway.

Nevada hunters and anglers bring home meat that is organic, free range, grass fed, and completely natural.  Even better, the meat and fish you bring home feeds on natural habitat. Nevada big game meat has not survived on artificial grains or hormones.   Upland game birds from the Nevada free range have not been caged.  The fish caught in natural Nevada waterways are not constricted to small farming ponds.

hop over to this site This is the week to bring that natural meat and fish to the table. 

demain nous appartient épisode 33 For this Thanksgiving and those to come, give your family and friends the gift of a truly organic food experience, Nevada fish and game meat.