It’s the day we’ve been waiting for-

The 2016 Nevada Big Game Application Main Draw, opening Monday, March 21st.


Now is the time to do your homework regarding species and units to apply for, and there are resources available to help you make an educated decision.



NOU recommends accessing Nevada Department of Wildlife’s 2014-15 Big Game Status Book, which gives an excellent overview of the status of big game species by Nevada hunting unit.  You will find data covering 2014-15 hunt results, survey data, habitat, and population status/trends for each species by unit.  This gives Nevada hunters an opportunity to research areas and species for the 2016 Nevada Big Game Season.

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Be sure to focus in on the details. Of note, Nevada mule deer populations are estimated to have declined to 99,000 animals, the lowest population numbers since the 1970’s.  The declining number of mule deer has lead to lower tag quotas recommendations in many areas of the state.




Click here for the NDOW Big Game Status Book: