A recent day trip to the Humboldt Sink area near Lovelock revealed a surprise,

NO WATER in Toulon or the Upper or Lower Humboldt Lakes…….

After an extremely wet winter,  the return of waterfowl hunting in Northern Nevada seemed realistic.  Prior to the drought, areas such as Toulon and the Upper and Lower Humboldt Lakes provided excellent habitat for ducks and geese, and the Humboldt sink area was a favorite of Northern Nevada waterfowl hunters.  With the return of water, the upcoming 2017 waterfowl season for Northern Nevada seemed promising.

A recent viewing of the area proved differently.  Lots of dry lake beds and dust devils throughout the sink, and very little water at the very southern end of the Lower Humboldt Lake.  Apparently, there has not enough water has not yet been released from Rye Patch Reservoir to return water to the Humboldt Wildlife Management Area.

NOU has reached out to Fallon NDOW for information-where’s the water?  So far, waiting a reply, and hoping that things change for this area in time for Nevada waterfowl season.