With the drought officially ending (for now), we’re in for a whole new kind of Nevada hunting and fishing season in 2017.

The question is, has this winter helped or harmed Nevada wildlife?


Heavy precipitation will likely benefit Nevada waterfowl hunting, with areas such as the Humboldt Sink seeing water for the first time in years.  As migratory ducks and geese flow through the Pacific flyway this season- there will likely be plenty of areas of water across the state for the waterfowl to habitate.

Habitat for some species may do really well, with increased moisture contributing to healthier waterways and growth of native foliage.  However, all the moisture will also help cheat grass flourish, which in turn crowds out more desirable plant species that wildlife depend upon.

The larger question this season is how Nevada big game will “winter over”  with more areas of the state experiencing heavy snow pack.  Heavy snow conditions can put considerable pressure on mule deer herds, with decreased feed sources due to the snowpack, leading to low energy reserves stressing the animal through the winter.

If you encounter wildlife this winter while in the Nevada outdoors, don’t pressure them!

Nevada wildlife species need to reserve as much energy as possible to get through the winter of 2017……