Second Draw Second Chance | 2015 Nevada Big Game Second Draw Application Deadline

important link If you didn't draw a Nevada Big Game tag on your first draw attempt, the second draw application deadline is this Friday.....     Don't miss out....second draw application for Nevada Big Game opens Friday, June 12th at 8am, and closes on June 29th, 11pm.   For an overview of remaining tags available: Click Here

2015 Nevada Big Game Tag Results | Nevada Outdoorsman Events Calendar Now that the 2015 Nevada Big Game tag results have become available,  be sure to take advantage of the Nevada Outdoorsman "Events" calendar for reference on opening dates, species, and Nevada hunting units.   Our calendar was designed with the Nevada Big Game hunter in mind.  We provide an easily viewed reference for tag holders when trying to confirm your [...]

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Nevada Hunting Etiquette | Consideration of the Fellow Hunter

why not check here Everyone has probably seen it, that one hunter who believes he/she has the right to do whatever they want to do when out in the field....     Not everybody talks about it, but it's worth reviewing some basic points of consideration of hunter etiquette in Nevada. A majority of hunters share a common respect in the [...]

Nevada Elk Hunting | The Good and Bad of the Combo Hunt

As a result of Nevada Department of Wildlife's (NDOW) new addition of the combination elk cow tags (mule deer and elk hunters combining hunts), the new tag options lead to both positive and negative Nevada hunting experiences.......   On the positive side, mule deer archery hunters had the bonus of hunting Nevada elk herds without pressure- Unfortunately, there's a [...]

Nevada Archery Hunting | Tips To Ensure Success

Nevada Archery Hunters- It's that time of year again to get your bow out of your bow case and ensure everything is in good working order for archery season!     Nevada Outdoorsman Unlimited was fortunate to interview Rick of "House of Arrows", a Sparks, Nevada archery shop.  Rick has been in business since 1989, and he sat [...]

Big Game Deadline Approaching for Nevada Hunts

You have hopefully already mailed your Nevada big game application.........   Monday, April 21st is the deadline for NDOW big game applications for the upcoming hunting season.  The on-line application cut-off time is 11pm......   If you are still contemplating which species/units to apply for, NOU recommends accessing the NDOW statistics and draw odds to make [...]

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Walk and Stalk vs. Hunting Nevada with an ATV

  Before the advent of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's), Nevada hunters could rely only upon their personal physical stamina to hike and stalk big game.  Additionally, unless you rode in on horseback, you also had to be physically adept at packing out your game in many Nevada hunting areas......     With the introduction of ATV's, Nevada's terrain [...]

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Field Report for Nevada Hunting Units 161-164, near Austin, Nevada

The benefits of a pre-hunt scouting trip are numerous......And for Nevada hunting Units 161-164,  you can view all the wildlife and pristine habitat just miles from historic Austin, Nevada. Founded in 1862, Austin is located in Central Nevada along the Highway 50 route, and is a great "starting point" for a scouting trip to these units.  [...]

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Nevada Big Game Tag Second Draw

On-line applications are now being accepted by NDOW for 2013 remaining Nevada big game tags (Resident and Non-Resident).   Remaining Nevada Big Game tag data is in, and the results are interesting.....Click Here   It's clear to see that for some units, a large number of tags are still available from the Resident quota main draw.  This [...]

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Nevada Big Game Hunting Tag Draw Results Posted

Last Friday bought either good news or bad news for Nevada big game hunters when hunting tag draw results were posted for the 2013 2014 hunting season........     As mentioned in earlier posts, Nevada big game tag quotas are impacted  by environmental, climactic and human population density, with further restrictions on non-resident vs. resident hunt [...]

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