A Return to Nevada Waterfowl Hunting | Hunting Nevada 2017

Nevada Waterfowl Hunting 2017 An opportunity to extend the  Nevada Hunting Season   With cooler weather upon us, now is the time to plan a Nevada waterfowl hunt.  Waterfowl hunting in Nevada is an under-utilized resource, and can be an excellent way to keep your Nevada hunting season active into early 2018.  Waterfowl season officially kicked off in September, and will [...]

Nevada Upland Game Season 2017 | Wildlife Commission to Announce Dates and Limits

Getting ready for Nevada's 2017 Upland Game Season   This weekend the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission recently met in Elko to consider amendments to the current regulations for seasons, bag limits,  and special regulations for upland game birds, wild turkey and furbearer seasons for 2017-18.   Although Nevada upland game hunters tend to watch primarily for chukar [...]

Nevada Hunting | 2017 Nevada Big Game Application Period Closing Soon

With the deadline drawing near for applying for 2017 Nevada big game tags, you will need to make a decision soon about where and what to hunt.....there's a few things to keep in mind~   About 80% of Nevada land is federally owned-giving Nevada hunters increased opportunity to hunt on thousands of acres of pristine wildlife [...]

Do You Know the Big Game Prevalence in your Nevada Hunt Unit for 2016?

If you've been lucky enough to draw a Nevada Big Game tag for 2016, you may want to look into the tag numbers for the unit you drew for that hunt unit.       NDOW_HuntUnits_2013_ArchD   2016-Big-Game-Quotas-Approved-HCs   Also, take a look at that Nevada hunt unit and think about the geographical size of the unit.  For [...]

Nevada Big Game Tag Draw | Results Are In for Nevada Big Game Hunters

The tag results are in for the 2016 Nevada big  game season- Appreciating the freedom to hunt!     Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, Nevada Department of Wildlife has released tag results for the upcoming Nevada big game season.  If you put in for tags for 2016, results for all hunts are [...]

Nevada Big Game Quota Setting 2016 | A Chance for Nevada Big Game Hunters To Be Heard

If you have an opinion regarding the quota setting for the 2016 Nevada big game season, Northern Nevada hunters have an opportunity to provide your input on Friday and Saturday, May 13th/14th. The Nevada big game quotas are set annually by the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners through input from the County Advisory Boards to Manage Wildlife (CABMW) , The [...]

Second Draw Second Chance | 2015 Nevada Big Game Second Draw Application Deadline

If you didn't draw a Nevada Big Game tag on your first draw attempt, the second draw application deadline is this Friday.....     Don't miss out....second draw application for Nevada Big Game opens Friday, June 12th at 8am, and closes on June 29th, 11pm.   For an overview of remaining tags available: Click Here

2015 Nevada Big Game Tag Results | Nevada Outdoorsman Events Calendar

Now that the 2015 Nevada Big Game tag results have become available,  be sure to take advantage of the Nevada Outdoorsman "Events" calendar for reference on opening dates, species, and Nevada hunting units.   Our calendar was designed with the Nevada Big Game hunter in mind.  We provide an easily viewed reference for tag holders when trying to confirm your [...]

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Nevada Elk Hunting | The Good and Bad of the Combo Hunt

As a result of Nevada Department of Wildlife's (NDOW) new addition of the combination elk cow tags (mule deer and elk hunters combining hunts), the new tag options lead to both positive and negative Nevada hunting experiences.......   On the positive side, mule deer archery hunters had the bonus of hunting Nevada elk herds without pressure- Unfortunately, there's a [...]

Nevada Chukar Hunting | 2014 Nevada Chukar Forecast has Good News

    Good news for Nevada chukar hunters- NDOW's 2014 chukar forecast predicts an overall improved season from last year....... Spring rains are credited as improving habitat and food sources for chukar populations throughout much of Northern Nevada, with overall increase in population density of 45%.  This is welcome news for Nevada hunters who have seen chukar populations [...]

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