Health of Nevada Wildlife | Nevada Hunters Contribute by Observing Game in the field

            With Nevada archery hunting nearing a close, and any legal weapon and upland game hunting seasons coming up, Nevada hunters remain key observers of the health of Nevada wildlife.     Although the proceeds from purchase of Nevada hunting licenses and tags contribute to conservation projects for wildlife species, Nevada hunters also can contribute by [...]

September 7th, 2015|Big Game, Homepage Feature, Hunting, Hunting Topics, Locations|

Nevada Chukar Hunting | 2015 Nevada Chukar Forecast

The Nevada 2015-16 Chukar Forecast is available, a basic guide for Nevada chukar hunters.     The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) conducted aerial surveys during mid-August over 13 designated survey plots of Nevada mountain ranges. These surveys provide a "one-time" snapshot of chukar density in small areas of the surveyed mountain ranges.     Overall bird [...]

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Nevada Big Game | Northern Nevada Game Processing

Looking for a convenient area in Northern Nevada to have your game meat processed this season?     Look no further.......   G & M Game Processing, located in Golden Valley, just north of Reno, is the place to go to take that game meat for special processing.     In business for over 14 [...]

July 23rd, 2015|Big Game, Hunting, Hunting Topics|

Nevada’s Major Habitat Challenge | Sustaining Nevada’s Game and Fish Species

  Nevada wildlife species have multiple challenges in the state's arid conditions, but besides drought, one of the biggest challenges is no surprise .....   Fire   Nevada habitat biologists indicate that in addition to drought cycles, wildfires pose a major challenge to Nevada wildlife habitat.           Over the past one to two decades, biologists have observed unprecedented wildfire intensity, [...]

Nevada Big Game Hunting Application Deadline Coming Up Soon

Just a reminder to all NOU members that the application deadline for the 2015  Nevada's Big Game hunting tags is just a few days away....     If you're a Nevada Big Game hunter and you haven't already done your homework on the species/units you would like to hunt this year, time is very short for you to make a [...]

April 16th, 2015|Big Game, Hunting, Hunting Topics, Nevada Outdoorsman|

Nevada Shed Antler Hunts | Shed Antler Collecting in Nevada

  Confused about Nevada Shed Antler Laws?     Based on inquiries from many of our NOU members, we've investigated the history of the proposed regulation changes to clear up the confusion......     In March of 2014, the Nevada Board of Wildlife (NBOW) Commissioners voted unanimously to regulate antler shed hunting within the state, with intent to prohibit collecting [...]

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Nevada Chukar Hunting | Nevada Chukar Season Opening October 11th

Reminder to all Nevada Chukar Hunters!   Opening day for the 2014-15 Nevada Chukar Season is tomorrow, Saturday, October 11th..........

October 10th, 2014|Hunting, Hunting Topics|

Nevada Hunting Etiquette | Consideration of the Fellow Hunter

Everyone has probably seen it, that one hunter who believes he/she has the right to do whatever they want to do when out in the field....     Not everybody talks about it, but it's worth reviewing some basic points of consideration of hunter etiquette in Nevada. A majority of hunters share a common respect in the [...]

Nevada Elk Hunting | The Good and Bad of the Combo Hunt

As a result of Nevada Department of Wildlife's (NDOW) new addition of the combination elk cow tags (mule deer and elk hunters combining hunts), the new tag options lead to both positive and negative Nevada hunting experiences.......   On the positive side, mule deer archery hunters had the bonus of hunting Nevada elk herds without pressure- Unfortunately, there's a [...]

Nevada Chukar Hunting | 2014 Nevada Chukar Forecast has Good News

    Good news for Nevada chukar hunters- NDOW's 2014 chukar forecast predicts an overall improved season from last year....... Spring rains are credited as improving habitat and food sources for chukar populations throughout much of Northern Nevada, with overall increase in population density of 45%.  This is welcome news for Nevada hunters who have seen chukar populations [...]

September 2nd, 2014|Hunting, Hunting Topics, License & Tags|