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cytotec mide hapı fiyatı As a result of Nevada Department of Wildlife’s (NDOW) new addition of the combination elk cow tags (mule deer and elk hunters combining hunts), the new tag options lead to both positive and negative Nevada hunting experiences…….


On the positive side, mule deer archery hunters had the bonus of hunting Nevada elk herds without pressure-

Unfortunately, there’s a negative side to the new combination hunts……



In some Nevada hunting units, you can combine mule deer or bull elk tag with a cow elk tag.  This, plus the addition of regular cow tags being issued for hunts in the same unit, at the same time, led to extreme hunter pressure throughout the hunting area. This situation negatively impacts the hunter who has drawn a regular Nevada bull elk tag.


The opening day of unit 075 was highly crowded with hunters, all taking advantage of their tag options, regular and combination.




Further, not all Nevada hunters practiced proper “hunter etiquette”……..NOU plans to use this opportunity to begin dialogue regarding the unwritten rules of consideration of fellow hunters while in the field.