Decreasing open waters throughout the state have led to officials to lift fish limits in some areas, and alter fish stocking patterns to maintain consistency in Nevada’s still fishable waters.  However some Nevada anglers have called for more intervention on the part of wildlife officials.




As one of Nevada’s most precious resources, adequate fish water remains elusive after a fourth straight year of extreme drought throughout the state.   Without help from depleted reservoirs, some Nevada fisheries may be past the danger point. This summer, calls from some anglers have been made for the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) officials to increase fishing restrictions in some waters to salvage any fish available.




Whether a call for lifting limits or imposing more regulations, any change by NDOW would first require approval from the Nevada Wildlife Commission. Keeping the status quo throughout the summer and for now, NDOW has kept all programs voluntary such as the the “Rest your River” campaign for the Truckee river.




For the past summer and for now, NDOW is riding it out and maintaining the status quo. And as we head into the Nevada autumn, anglers are keeping hope alive that the Nevada drought stranglehold ends this winter.





The bottom line remains-no amount of regulation can give Nevada anglers what we are hoping for, more water.