Nevada Fishing Makes a Comeback | Nevada Fishing 2017

Several years of record drought in Nevada has been followed by a year of record precipitation. Nevada fishing is back.   Whether looking at the state overall or by region, Nevada angler's expect an exciting year of fishing.  Although the terrain and temperature of Nevada fishing waters can vary greatly, one thing's for certain, there's [...]

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Truckee River Fishing is Coming Back in 2017 | Fishing Nevada

After years of lackluster fishing on the Truckee River due to drought conditions, Nevada anglers finally have something to look forward to when it comes to fishing the Truckee in 2017.   Originating at Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River flows 1100 miles northeast through Truckee California, down into Reno, with the final destination being Pyramid Lake. One of the [...]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Update | Spring Fishing at Pyramid Lake 2017

Pyramid Lake Fishing has re-opened at limited beaches and so far,        fishing is reported as good!   Thanks to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe for their efforts in re-opening some beaches at Pyramid Lake after damaging winter floods.  Low water temps and rising lake levels have contributed to a whole new kind of fishing at [...]

Fishing Nevada in 2016 | Increased Stream Flows for Nevada Anglers

The last four to five years of drought conditions have severely impacted Nevada streams, with wild fish populations being primarily affected with low stream flows, especially in Northern Nevada. With more normal precipitation patterns occurring in the winter of 2015, there may be a chance of wild fish recovery, and importantly, a chance for Nevada [...]

A New Start for Truckee River Fishing | Nevada Fishing 2016

One of the most heavily fished waters in Nevada, the Truckee River originates at Lake Tahoe, flowing a stretch of 110 miles to Pyramid Lake.  Currently, the water is flowing again thanks to wet weather, and the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) is actively stocking the river for the upcoming season. According to stocking reports, approximately [...]

Hoping for Fish Water | The Future of Nevada Fishing

      Decreasing open waters throughout the state have led to officials to lift fish limits in some areas, and alter fish stocking patterns to maintain consistency in Nevada's still fishable waters.  However some Nevada anglers have called for more intervention on the part of wildlife officials.       As one of Nevada's most [...]

Nevada Drought Conditions Prompt Early Fish Stocking | Western Nevada Fishing

For the second straight year, NDOW has begun stocking fish months ahead of schedule......   As Nevada enters a fourth straight year of drought conditions, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has begun stocking trout in Western Nevada waterways to increase the chance of survival for the fish.     The continued drought will likely mean decreased water flows as we [...]

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Sierra Nevada Bass Club-Topaz Open Fishing Report

The Sierra Nevada Bass Club sponsored the Topaz Open over Father's Day Weekend (June 15-16) at Topaz Landing/Marina and Lodge/Casino. With four boats and 7 anglers making the 2-day trip and all but one managed to catch legal (13") Bass to bring to the scale during the two day event. Ried Bridges, President of SNBC [...]

Nevada Fishing-Pyramid Lake Fishing Update

              With fishing season at Pyramid Lake well underway, our conservation partners at the Sagebrush Chapter of Trout Unlimited are passing along good news about fly fishing at Pyramid, with reports of Cutthroat species in excess of 20 pounds being caught and released at the lake. Did you know that the recognized biggest Cutthroat trout caught at Pyramid Lake weighed 41 pounds, [...]

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