Getting ready for Nevada’s 2017 Upland Game Season


This weekend the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission recently met in Elko to consider amendments to the current regulations for seasons, bag limits,  and special regulations for upland game birds, wild turkey and furbearer seasons for 2017-18.


Although Nevada upland game hunters tend to watch primarily for chukar season dates/limits, maybe this is the year for venturing out on a hunt or two for alternative upland game species.


Hungarian partridge (“Huns”), pheasant, grouse and dove are other species that can prove for a challenging hunt anywhere statewide.   The “Huns”, also known as gray partridge provide a different style of hunt.  Coveys of Huns typically consist of 10-20 birds, and can be found in chukar country as well as grassy plain areas.  The covey’s typically first flush out about 20-30 yards, and then 35-40 yards on the second flush.  Rarely will you have a chance at a third flush.  Huns are also considered a great game bird for point dogs.


Fairly widespread in Nevada, the Mourning Dove is also abundant throughout the United States, with an estimated 70 million shot annually throughout the all parts of the country.  The species tends to move seasonally, providing plenty of opportunity for Nevada hunters when the season opener starts early fall.  Dove hunting experts recommend scouting a day or so before the opener, as dove readily adapt to hunting pressure, with flocks relocating quickly when hunting activity picks up.   Remember to stay near or under some natural cover for concealment purposes, and remain perfectly still until within shooting range.  Don’t raise your shotgun too quickly, as dove tend to spook quickly if the hunter’s gun is raised prior to being in range.


Be sure to check the upcoming regulations for 2017-18 season; NOU will keep you posted.